Law Reports

First Steps: Courts, Cases and Citations

By Mark Erridge In a new series of blog posts, we’ll be covering the ‘first steps’ of beginning to study law at Cambridge. These posts assume a minimum degree of prior knowledge, at least little beyond that one would expect from a keen legal academic-to-be!

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A Day in the Life of a Corpus Law Student

Usually, a day in the life of a Corpus law student involves attending lectures in the morning (and sometimes in the afternoon) in the Law Faculty, attending supervisions (of which there are four every fortnight for 1st years), as well as private study in preparation for those supervisions. The following represents a typical weekday for […]

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Sir Nicholas Bacon

Sir Nicholas Bacon (1510–1579) was  an alumni of Corpus Christi College, who notably went on to become Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, one of the great offices of state, and fathered the philosopher and statesman Sir Francis Bacon.

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